Catch n' Shoot: November 16, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: November 16, 2010

  • The Hornets (8-1) will not go 82-0 this season. The Mavs (7-2) beat them in Dallas, 98-95, in a hard-fought game. Nawlins had the edge in the first half, but the Mavs' D was too much in the second half, where they held the Hornets to 43 -- 14 after a 10-0 Hornets run to start the third quarter and 19 in the fourth. I should mention that Dirk Nowitzki was awesome, notching a 25-10 double-double on only 7-for-12 shooting, but 10-for-13 from the FT line. Jason Terry's 26 off the bench was a difference maker in the fourth quarter comeback.

    Nawlins just couldn't finish in the frontcourt and Chris Paul only had nine assists to go with his 22 pts, thanks to Davis West shooting 5-for-14 and Emeka Okafor shooting 2-for 10. Other than those two, Nawlins really shot well, took care of the basketball, and denied the ball to Dirk well. Both D's were suffocating and it's very telling about the quality of the two teams that there were only 28 turnovers, over 50 threes were attempted, and they shot 44% (DAL) and 49% (NOH). Great game, if you can somehow catch a replay.

  • How the Mavs neutralized Rajon Rondo.
  • Carmelo Anthony had a 20-22 double-double in the Nuggets' (5-5) loss in Phoenix (6-4), 100-94.
  • The
    Thunder get all the damn calls. OKC (6-4) snapped the Jazz's (7-4)
    five-game winning streak, 115-108. Kevin Durant scored 30, thanks to
    16-for-16 from the FT line. Deron Williams' 31-11 double-double,
    shooting 12-for-18. Both teams rounded off to shoot 51%. (Box Score)
  • The
    Grizzlies (4-7) have been held under 100 pts twice before Monday -- by
    the Mavs and they won one of those games. Monday, the Magic (7-3) beat
    them, 89-72. Messy game. 20 turnovers in the first quarter -- 10 by each
    team -- and 12 for each team with 8 min left in the second. Then, it
    calmed down, with Orlando turning it over more, 19-18, for the game. But
    Memphis shot 36%, thanks to Orlando constantly forcing too many passes
    that drained the shot clock, resulting in awful last-resort shots.

    Howard got his 6th double-double of the season (18-14) on an awful
    5-for-13 shooting night. No, he didn't hit threes. He went 8-for-11 from
    the line, well above the 51% rate he was shooting coming into the game
    and his ~60% career average. The Magic only shot 43%, thanks to Howard
    and Rashard Lewis' continuously awful 3-for-13 nine-point night. Vince
    Carter was pretty impressive on both ends of the floor, scoring 19 on
    6-for-8 shooting, 3-for-4 fromt hree-point range, and was very
    aggressive with the ball, getting him to the line to go 4-for-5 in less
    than 30 minutes of PT. He picked up five fouls, but he was defensing
    much faster players all night and had solid shot selection.

  • Marc Cuban's response to the Heat being mortal: "Hallelujah, boys, is that great or what?" I'm not rooting for this shit. They have to teach their damn fans how to root for the team. Go to hell, Miami.
  • DeFrance breaking down the top ten guards of all time. As M-Jeff said, Kobe's in the top ten. (h/t: Kelly Dwyer)
  • The Jazz offense and Andrei Kirilenko's defense are very efficient, early this season. (h/t: Kelly Dwyer)
  • With less than a minute remaining in a game, if a quick play -- isolation, screen, post-up -- is going to be setup, why call a timeout and let the defense reset? That can be called from the coach to the point guard and relayed on the court in transition or even in the half court.
  • At least the Rockets aren't as bad as the Knicks, right? (h/t: TrueHoop) Not that it matters. Knicks president Donnie Walsh has Coach Mike D'Antoni on an extremely long leash.
  • How bad has Rashard Lewis been, offensively? (h/t: TrueHoop)
  • How age affects minutes, team-by-team. (h/t: TrueHoop)
  • Sebastian Pruiti on Kobe's quick threes in the final minute against the Suns.
  • Delonte West's ghetto-ass is done with his ten-game suspension. The Celtics are 8-2 without him. They'll be scary to anyone expecting to play well on the perimeter with him.
  • Robin Lopez is expected to miss "several weeks" with a knee sprain. If any doubted a Bulls win, next week, in Phoenix, change your mind. "Unsigned free agent Earl Barron has emerged as the most probable
    replacement in Phoenix for injured Suns center Robin Lopez, according to
    sources close to the situation," Marc Stein is reporting at ESPN.
  • Softcore Dunk Porn: Blake Griffin fouled hard to disrupt what wouldn've been syyyyyyyykkk!
  • LeBron's nominated for TIME's 2010 "Person of the Year" award. Don't hold it against him. There's usually at least one musician and one athlete nominated. He won't win. Personally, I'd choose Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for what he prevented. His role in brokering the nuclear deal with Iran probably saved this world from a U.S.-sanctioned pre-emptive military strike by the Israeli Air Force. Iran is nowhere near acquiring a nuclear weapon and a world leader said something like 'A nuclear-armed Iran would be a disaster and an Israeli strike on Iran would be a disaster.'
  • Bodog's opened up the prop betting on Allen Iverson in Turkey. What are the odds?
  • Going into Monday's game, that he missed with back spasms, J.J. Redick is 3-for-25 shooting threes this season.
  • Darko scored a season-high 13 and 12 rebounds for a double-double, the T'Wolves scored 110 against the defense-heavy Bobcats, but still lost by three, 113-110. Charlotte shot 52% from the field, led by Stephen Jackson's 26 on 9-for 16 shooting, Tyrus Thomas' 20-10 double-double on 8-for-11 shooting, and Gerald Wallace's 26 on -- wait for it! -- a franchise-record 17-for-19 FT shooting. Only the Darkopuppies.

    Another note: Larry Brown needs to yank Boris Diaw from the starting lineup Thomas is playing more and he's better. The only statement being made to the asshole is needlessly antagonistic, limits his PT, and concedes early-game rebounds.

    The game provided us with this little gem:

mjeff ref shouting old.jpg

M-Jeff either bitching about a ref's call or telling the kids to get off his damn lawn. You decide...

  • GSW (7-4) is now 5-0 at home after beating the Pisspots (4-7), 101-94. (Box Score)
  • NBA A-to-Z in only one post. Take that, Kelly Dwyer!
  • Andrew Unterberger had a glorious time at the UC and is telling about it. Kewl.
  • The Darkopuppies have taken my advice to devote more practice time to learning sync'ing up their five-giving. Awesome.
  • Oh yeah, the Absolutely Nots of New Jersey (4-6) beat the Clippers (1-10) in L.A., 110-96. The Nots went most of the game without Devin Harris, who was ejected because of a Grade 2 flagrant foul on Blake Griffin on a fast break. Apparently, the book on Blake Griffin is to foul him as hard as possible. Jordan Farmar responded to the call with a 15-12 double-double in 34 minutes. (Box Score)

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